September 26, 2014

Macam takde roommate... 

September 23, 2014

Hey peeps,
What do you think about having a trouble life that no one care about?
No one care about your good manners. 
No one care about your sincere heart.
no one. NO ONE!!!!!

Sampai satu tahap, aku dah tahan dengan semua ni. Ya Allah. Ujian apa ni ya Allah.
I hate this thing! I miss my parents. I miss to live with them. I miss to be scolded by them because of my fault. 
Yeaaa, I dislike to be scolded especially by my mom. But, thing that I dislike is actually something that taught me on how to live well. How to manage anything.

Macam nak lari rumah je. Allahuakbar. Manusia cuma pandang keburukan. Wallahu'alam. I've struggled myself to make sure this room looks neat and tidy. I feel shame when people entering my room and its look terrible! I cant afford to do it alone. I need their efforts too. 

End up, telan dan hadam jelah semua benda ni. 

thnks for reading.